North Topsail Beach, NC

North Topsail Beach (61 miles from Beaufort, NC), is home to many. From locally famous Stump Sound oysters to great surf fishing at New River Inlet, North Topsail Beach is distinguished from the rest of Topsail Island. And rightfully so: it used to be completely separated from it! Stump Inlet once carved its way between the two islands, but the gap has been filled in over time by nature and man. Remaining are picturesque marshes, home to graceful egrets and herons, and dense maritime forests on the soundside, with lovely dunes and beaches on the oceanside.

Because it is a little more remote, North Topsail Beach enjoys a certain exclusivity from the rest of the island. It offers a wide range of accommodations including luxury resorts, condominiums, extravagant beach homes, townhouses and cottages. Most remaining undeveloped property in North Topsail Beach is now designated for single-family dwellings which assures its future as a quiet place to enjoy the scenic natural beauty.

Traveling down the island, you find identified beach access areas, restaurants, shops and a campground. Incorporated as a municipality in 1990, North Topsail Beach also contains the community of Ocean City Beach, the first coastal property development exclusively available to blacks in North Carolina. Permuda Island Coastal Reserve is located across the sound toward the mainland shore, and there’s great golfing nearby.

In North Topsail Beach, you’ll enjoy a refreshing absence of fast food, drive-thru’s and traffic lights. Instead, you’ll find family beaches and natural maritime environment, nature’s showcase for incomparable coastal treasures.